Investment promotion

Is your company expanding or are you looking for the ideal base from which to conquer the Belgian or European markets?

POM Antwerp highly recommends the province of Antwerp as your perfect business  location. We collaborate with economic organisations, federations and government institutions to be sure of the best possible result. But the private sector is a good partner too.

We can support your business plans in all kinds of ways:

  • The right amount of space to develop your business in the province of Antwerp: we offer business plots and offices from our own portfolio, but we will also refer you to those run by our partners.
  • Investment advice on the province of Antwerp: we are happy to show foreign investors the strengths of our region, the tax system, the logistic strengths of Antwerp, etc.
  • Networking with potential partners and service providers: we set you up with potential business partners, through networking events or made-to-measure programmes for foreign investors.

Are you considering Antwerp as your company’s European location?

Or do you see yourself as a potential partner for POM Antwerp, to help guide and advise foreign investors?

Please get in touch with us. We are pleased to help.