Lier Duwijck - Phase 2

Price: 123,88 €/m2 (fixed price)

Size: 30 ha, of which 20 ha net

For sale: 10,9 ha divided over several plots

Timing: available immediately

Target group: companies involved in all kinds of business activities

Location: Lier, next to N10 (Antwerpsesteenweg) and Lier ring road, 10 min from the E313, 15 km from Antwerp


Lier Duwijck - Phase 2



Lier Duwijck Phase 2 is POM Antwerp’s showpiece in the area of public business park development.

Optimal use of space and extensive business park management

As a business you stand to reap the maximum benefit from Lier Duwijck’s extensive business park management. This is because the communal buffer planting, public parking spaces and HGV waiting areas allow you an 80% building density. The park also provides a service centre with conference area, ironing service and childcare facilities.

In addition, the businesses already present via Duwijck Park npo provide their own cost effective solutions to their shared needs, such as snow clearance and waste collection.

Sustainability and CO2 neutrality

In Lier Duwijck you are opting for a CO2 neutral park. The concrete roads, footpaths and cycle paths have an air purifying top layer of titanium dioxide and energy efficient lighting. The park also allows the possibility of erecting wind turbines at 3 locations.

Mixed regional business park

Companies with a regional outreach, operating in the areas of producing, processing and recycling goods, in the construction industry, in storage and distribution, and research and development, are welcome at Lier Duwijck. On the other hand, retail, transport, autonomous offices and seveso companies are not admitted to this business park.